What Is 365tests.com?

365tests.com is a website for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better -- by taking our simple, light-hearted personality quizzes. The site provides free personality tests and quizzes on various topics. We are working on adding more tests to our database, so make sure you check back later or sign up for our Newsletter, and we’ll notify you the moment we publish new tests.

Who Creates These Tests?

Each test is carefully created by our team of experts. Please note that these tests are for personal use only.

Can You Send Me A Completion Certificate for the Tests I’ve Taken?

No, we do not issue any certificates.

I Have Found A Mistake In One Of The Tests!

Mistakes happen. We also understand that with so many free personality quizzes, there may be a few typos. The best thing you can do is to contact us using the form right below the test question with the mistake (“Found a mistake?”). Please tick the question with the mistake or typo, then explain what the problem is. Provide your email address if you would like us to contact you.

Why Is It Called 356tests.com?

Our aim is to have 365 fun and engaging personality tests for you to enjoy! Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter so that we could notify you when new tests are added!