Goldberg Depression Test: “Am I Depressed?” Quiz

While everyone feels sad from time to time, some people suffer from depression. Depression is a serious condition that requires treatment from a mental health professional. The Goldberg Depression Test is one of the top tests for people who want to assess their symptoms on their own. This test was developed by New York psychiatrist Ivan Goldberg in 1993 and contains a variety of questions that help assess your mental state. Take this test if you want to answer the question, “Am I depressed?”

Symptoms of Depression

Before you take the test, you might want to know if you are demonstrating any symptoms of depression. Some people get confused when it comes to sadness and depression. While they can be similar, depression is more severe than sadness. Common symptoms of depression include difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and feelings of guilt. You also might feel hopeless, irritable, or restless or have a lack of interest in the activities that you used to enjoy. Insomnia is another possible symptom, as is sleeping too much. In addition, some people overeat when they are depressed while other people stop eating. As you can see, depression is an illness of extremes. If you are suffering from extreme moods or behaviors, you might be depressed, meaning this is a good test for you to take.

Taking the Test

When you take the test, answer the questions based on how you have felt for the last week. You may find out that you have just been upset about a situation and not depressed. This will allow you to examine your current situation and feelings. However, if you are depressed, you need to seek treatment.

Seeing a Healthcare Provider

This test does not take the place of a diagnosis from a professional healthcare provider. If you have symptoms of depression, schedule an appointment with a provider. Also, if you have suicidal thoughts or tendencies, call 911 immediately. Depression is a serious condition. If you are not sure if you have depression, take this test to learn more about your feelings. Then, you can take the next step in seeking treatment.

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Am I Depressed? Goldberg Depression Test
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