What Kind of Friend Are You? [Quiz]

You rely on your friends in good times and bad. You use their shoulders to cry on when you’re upset, and you celebrate with them when you’re happy. You wouldn’t be the same without them.

Do they get the same things from you? Are you a true blue friend, or do you leave something to be desired?

Take this test to find out what kind of friend you are. Then, you’ll know if you’re the type of friend that everyone wants to have or if you need to do a little work to become a better buddy to your pals.

Tips for Taking the Test

When you take the test, you might be tempted to answer the questions the way you want to be perceived. However, it’s important that you answer each question truthfully. You might not like the answer, but the truth needs to prevail so you’ll find out what type of friend you really are.

Take your time as you move through the questions. Give each question some thought so you can dig deep and learn more about your inner friendship style.

Analyzing the Results

The results will tell you what type of friend you are and give you some tips. You might find out that you need to do some work on yourself to become a better friend. If you do, don’t despair. Most people have to do some work, whether it’s being more giving or learning to stand up for themselves. Do the work and then retake the test. After you put in the work, you can change your friend profile and become an even better friend. Then, it will be easier for you to create strong bonds that last a lifetime.

Take the test and then share your results so everyone knows what type of friend you are. Encourage your friends to take the test, as well. If all of your friends learn more about the types of friends they are, you can create an open dialogue that will help everyone treat each other even better. That’s how real friendships are made.

What Kind of Friend Are You Personality Test
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