Quiz: Do I Have Social Anxiety Or Am I Just Shy?

It’s normal to feel a little shy from time to time. Maybe you get a little nervous when you walk into a party and you don’t know anyone, or you might get a little anxious on the first day of school. That’s normal shyness, but social anxiety is something different, and it can be crippling. If you wonder if you suffer from social anxiety, this is the test for you. After you complete the test, you’ll know the answer to the question, “Do I have social anxiety?” Then, you can move forward with treatment if necessary.

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

If you have severe social anxiety, you might have social anxiety disorder. People who have this disorder have a great deal of anxiety regarding social situations. They feel a lot of stress when they have to engage socially, so they might avoid social situations whenever possible. They might even feel a lot of stress leading up to the social interaction. For instance, they might start to feel nervous about a party that is happening later in the week. That is a sign of social anxiety disorder.

The Impact of Social Anxiety Disorder

You might think this disorder will just hurt your social life, but it can hurt your intimate relationships, work life, and even your education. After all, if you can’t walk into class or give a speech, you might not be able to graduate. This can have a snowball effect and end up hurting every aspect of your life, which is why it is important to determine if you have this disorder so you can seek treatment.

Taking the Test

When you take the test, think of your life in general. You might feel anxious from time to time, but you need to look at your life as a whole in order to get accurate results. Then, use your score as a starting point. If the test determines that you have social anxiety, contact a medical health professional so you can get a professional diagnosis. Social anxiety is not something to ignore. It is a serious issue, so you should seek help. With the right treatment, you can move past the problem and have a normal social life.

Social Anxiety Test
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