Quiz: What Decade Should You Have Been Born in?

Your birth certificate has your birthday on it, but that only tells half the story. You might be born in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, but that doesn’t mean that your personality fits your birth decade. Take this test to find out if your inner hippie, rocker, activist, or wild child means that you fit into a certain decade. This test will help you understand your true soul. Sure, you might have a birthdate on your driver’s license, but take this test to find out when you should have been born. Then, you’ll finally understand who you are deep down.

Dive in to Find Out More

The questions on this test are simple to answer. You will answer questions about your favorite celebrity and movie. You will even go over various styles. Then, just submit your test and you will find out your true decade. The results will explain why you fit into that decade. As you read through the results, you will finally understand why you like certain things. You are heavily influenced by a certain decade, and it will all finally make sense.

Share Your Results

Knowing more about yourself is great, but you should find out more about your friends, as well. Share your results so your friends will take the test, as well. Be sure to encourage them to share their results so you can find out about their decades. Then, you will understand them more and you will know what to buy them the next time they have a birthday. For instance, someone who belongs in the ’70s will prefer a Pink Floyd CD to Ronald Reagan biography. Knowing that ahead of time will save you the embarrassment of having to return a present for someone. You will finally become the type of gift-giver you always wanted to be.

Now that you know what to expect, you’re ready to take the test. Jump in so you can get some insight into your decade. You will learn more about yourself and you can pass that information onto your friends. Then, they will finally understand your true soul.

What Decade Were You Really Born in
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